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Services of Our Nonprofit Religious Organization

God's Living Words Ministry is dedicated to serving our community with love, compassion, and faith. Our nonprofit religious organization is honored to be authorized and legally recognized to perform various ministerial duties and services. Allow us to be a guiding light in your moments of joy and sorrow as we offer our services with a heart full of devotion.

What We Do

Officiate Weddings

Celebrate your love with a meaningful and personalized wedding ceremony officiated by our experienced ministers. We will help you create a ceremony that reflects your unique bond and sets the tone for a lifetime of happiness together. Trust us to officiate your union with love, grace, and reverence.

Officiate Funerals

At our nonprofit religious organization, we understand that saying goodbye to a loved one can be a challenging and emotional journey. Let us help ease your burden by providing dignified and meaningful funeral services. We will honor and celebrate the life of your loved one and offer solace and strength to you and your family during this difficult time.

Lead Church Gatherings

We believe in the power of community and fellowship. Our ministers lead inspiring and uplifting church gatherings where individuals can come together to grow in faith, find spiritual guidance, and experience the love of God. Join our nonprofit religious organization as we create a welcoming space for worship, prayer, and connection.

Deepen Your Knowledge

In addition to providing ministerial services, we also serve the community by providing Bible diploma programs that enrich your understanding of the Holy Scripture. If you want to expand your knowledge further and become a minister, enroll in our clergy courses. We will help you become an online ordained minister.